eric (talkshitgethit) wrote in fuckingxtuff,

Name: eric
Age: 19
Location: chicago
10 bands you like:
-buried alive
-the black dahlia murder
-first blood
-the killer
-blood in blood out
-modern life is war
-earth crisis
5 books you like:
-fight club
-the great gatsby
-stupid white men
-a clockwork orange
3 movies you like:
-the blues brothers
-american history x
-field of dreams
10 things you like:
-going to shows
-supporting hardcore

normal clothes for you to wear: jeans and a tshirt

why are you tuff enough?: i dunno, i got into a fight with a schizophrenic last week?

sXe: i used to be. i say fuck it. do what you want. edge or not, its no big deal.
abortion: pro-choice. i want to stab a pro-lifer.
religion: there is no god.
politics: g. w. bush is the worst president the US has ever had.
Fighting,violence: sure, if its necessary.

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