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new (now with pics)

Location: Pawtucket, RI
10 bands you like: (alphabetical order)
-Across Five Aprils
-Bury Your Dead
-Love Is Red
-Remembering Never
-The Judas Cradle
-Until The End
-With Honor
5 books you like: (i rarely read books... pretty much only for school.... im going to list magzines i read)
-Ride BMX
-Transworld BMX
-The Outsiders
-Dig BMX
-ok.... ive read Harry Potter cuz they were givin to me as a gift from a family friend when they first came i read them... im not ashamed of it... ive read Harry Potter and i liked it... it's amazing that a grown woman could come up with all that
3 movies you like:
-"Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice In the Hood" was funny shit
-just about anything w/ Adam Sandler... but i havent seen "Punch Drunk Love" and i doubt i will...
10 things you like:
-riding my bike, wether it be jumping or just pedaling down the street... its just me and my bike...
-going to shows
-listening to music
-being "free of filth"
-walking around w/ my friends talking about random shit
-making icons can be enjoyable (email me if u want me one @ or comment and leave details)
-leavin school and walkin around the interesting city of Providence,Rhode Island

normal clothes for you to wear:
im going to list them in order as i would get dressed:
1. boxers
2. t-shirt (not too tight, not too loose)
3. cargo shorts
4. socks
5. skate shoes or lightweight nike running shoes
6. military/hardcore hat... w/e u wanna call it...
....comfortable clothes....

why are you tuff enough?: ill stand up for my friends, my beliefs, myself... if im in the fighting mood i tend to start shit w/ people... and nu metal kids should die... so everyone should jus beat the shit out of them for the hell of it...

sXe: ok... ive been sXe for about 2 monthes and clean for almost a year... i never really knew about it until like January... and i didnt even know much about it then... i thought it was pretty gay until i learned more about and decided i wanted to live thay way....
abortion: no... i used to think it was ok in a certain situation but then i realized.. give the child a chance at life... you never know what that kid could accomplish and they could make a difference in the world... adoption is ok if the parent will not be able to be a good parent...
religion: believe what u want and ill believe what i want... i wont judge someone because of their religion
politics: all i know is that Bush sucks...
Fighting,violence: if u need to or your in the mood go for it...

Tell us How you tough you are!

sorry if i made it too long... and unenjoyable to read but those are my answers to the fullest...


so tough...

just woke up...

this is one of me in school... Friday i think... just staring out the window and my friend took the pic and showed me so i told her to send it to me...

thats me going over the door... poor quality because it was on my phone and from far away...

 another one at the same park, different door...

i have more pics but my friend has to send them to me because those ones up top are kind of old... so ill post the other ones when i get them...



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