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Location:Milford, ct.
10 bands you like:

_death cab for cutie.

_kind of like spitting.

_the spill canvas.

_the weakerthans.


_scary kids scaring kids.

_azure ray.



_yeah yeah yeahs.

5 books you like:

_the perks of being a wallflower.


_the rules of attraction.
3 movies you like:




10 things you like:

_playing my bass. And yes I can play.

_playing softball sometimes.

_being with my wonderful friends.

_me and swedish fish are having an affair.



_music and all art in general.

_being me.

_walking to the beach.

_everything else about my life.
normal clothes for you to wear: I would have to say a tee shirt and jeans. I'm such a plain jane.
why are you tuff enough?:Because amanda knows I can kick her ass.

sXe:It's honestly anyones choice I have no problem with it. I just hate the fact that it's a trend and almost noone really knows the meaning of it. And I really hate how people go "edge" on and off. The point of edge is to clear your body of toxins and this includes all types of sex and even caffine. And you can't do it for a year then stop.  That really bugs me. Also my definition is not minor threats version it's someone elses. I forget his name but that's not the point.
abortion: I can't say an opinion if I haven't been in that position. I have never been pregnant nor have I felt the pressure of it. So I can't judge.
religion:Again it's your choice to believe in what you want.

Tell us How you tough you are,and Why You should be Let in! Oh come on you know you love me HAHAHAHA.  You kind of repeated this quesion. But what can you do. If you know me you I'm tough GRRRRRRRR lol.

picture? Please? It will make us very happy.


contrast blows but this is the best I can do.



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Deleted comment

only not at all. And it's funny you can come up with that after reading an application to a community. Try to really know me you'll find I'm not at all ignorant.
might I add, I'm sorry I came off that way.