Erin (some_more_hooya) wrote in fuckingxtuff,

Name: Erin

Age: 16

Location: Cape Cod (That's in Mass)

10 bands you like:
-Brand New
-Bad Brains
-The Ramones
-The Clash
-Gaelic Storm
-Alkaline Trio
-Cortez (local band)
-Dropkick Murphys

5 books you like:
-Thin Skin
-A tale of two cities
-bell jar
-perks of being a wallflower

3 movies you like:
-Donnie Darko
-Office Space
-I like to make my own, i do a pretty interesting version of Great Expectations

10 things you like:
-Fun Cars, I'm trying to rebuild a Chevelle
-Late Nights
-Later mornings
-Sid Vicious
-The sound my printer makes
-Beating Tim, my best friend
-Giants from Finland

normal clothes for you to wear:
Crazy pants, tee shirts

why are you tuff enough?:
I have been through a lot of shit, physically and metally, and can handle basically everything you can throw at me

sXe: I think it's crap, no 4 people have the same ideas on what it is to be sXe
abortion: Pro choice, it's your life, live it.
religion: I'm not, but I can see why people want to be.
politics: Its only about the candidate, parties themsleves are stupid.
Fighting,violence: Fun, best when random

I'll add a pic lata
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