Last second heroes do not exist (blueturnsgrey) wrote in fuckingxtuff,
Last second heroes do not exist

Name: Kym (Kymmi according to amanda)
Age: 16
Location: milf
10 bands you like: TYAG, PTW, FATA, BYD, 7a7p, ETID, hopesfall, norma jean, evergreen terrace, shai halud
5 books you like: Prey, The Great Train Robbery, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, The Andromeda Strain, Fahrenheit 451
3 movies you like: Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill
10 things you like: boys, california, music, theatre, art museums, duct tape, summer, your mom, cake, reading
normal clothes for you to wear: clothes? who needs clothes...
why are you tuff enough?: because i'll fucking knock your teeth out

sXe: do what you want, what the fuck do i care?
abortion: pro-choice, i dont think it is the concern of the government.
religion: believe what you want, who am i to say what's right or wrong or what exists or what doesn't exist

Tell us How you tough you are,and Why You should be Let in!
i may seem like one tough motherfucker. but i'm not really all that tough. but amanda loves me and i love amanda.

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